#365dailymoments - Day 34 {Personal Project}


It’s been a couple of days since I picked up my camera for my family. On Friday and Saturday, I honestly just wasn’t feeling well and I am trying to be attentive to my body so I can be a fully present mother with my kids. Today was a busy day so first thing, I woke up and got my camera out to get back into action with these images. I was actually hoping to get a shot of my kids cuddling when they first woke up. We all bed share, and I really feel like it creates a special bond within our family. My kids struggle with sharing but they have a very strong bond between them that goes beyond the common selfishness of toddlerhood. It’s hard to describe but I really love to see how they love one another and really are best friends. Avery loves waking Annabelle up in the morning and she loves being awakened by him. He calls her and goes to lay on her and she just laughs and laughs and they just kind of cuddle and coo at each other for a little while, it’s adorable and I really wish I had caught it on camera! Haha! Instead, I came into the room and he decided it was not the photo he was going to let me get. He started crawling all over the bed and telling me “no! No!” when I asked him to go back and talk to his sister. He decided that it was better to play with the iPad and this shot was just too cute to pass up. Haha! This day was full and busy for me, but I am excited. This week, I am working on myself as a mama and working on re-clarifying what it means to me to be fully present in this role. Y’all pray for me!