The Stocker Family | Newborn

Meeting Lucille and her family has been such a special experience. They really are a unique little family with a whole lot of love. 

When I met Lucille, I learned very quickly that she is the kind of woman who wants to love what she likes, and she is patient with life for bringing her the things and people she loves. We talked about her house and I could tell she puts a lot of thought into making it a home. Nothing is decorated without clear intent and without her having the chance to feel it out and KNOW that she and her husband Eric are happy with it. I. Loved. This. 

I also really loved getting to know her firstborn daughter who you can tell is just so well loved. She seems to have a self-awareness and self-acceptance uncommon for children her age... perhaps because she is living in an environment where she is seen and heard and appreciated so well. Every time I met with her family, she got to participate in the conversation and she was never treated like an inconvenience or intrusion. It was so refreshing. She didn’t have to be anything but her authentic self and if you know me or my work, that is just my favorite!!

And I can’t close a blog post about a newborn session without telling you how absolutely precious and special the baby star of the show was! She already fits in so well with her family and you can just tell she is the puzzle piece they need in this season. Big sister learns everyone in her family’s names by first and last name so right now baby Emery is called “Sister Stocker” (isn’t that the cutest?!) Emery has a quiet demeanor with very few hints just yet of just how big her personality will be, but in her session she was sleeeeepy, and calm and only hungry once! Lucille says she chunks up her cluster feeds from dinner time until midnight so with our session in the morning, she was just snoozing like a little dream. 

Enjoy these sweet moments with this gorgeous family who just melted my heart. Their connection and just genuine goodness just oozes out of their images, and I just love it!

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