#365dailymoments | Week 5 - Sunday & Monday

Day 27- Sunday :  DoSeum  adventure…

Day 27- Sunday : DoSeum adventure…

I want to try keeping up with this blog daily and start working to share more of myself in this business. After all, if you are going to work with me, you’ll want to know what we have in common and the truth is, most of my life is my motherhood journey.

Sunday, I captured some really cute images but settled on the one above as my favorite. My husband and I do our absolute best to take Sundays to not work, and just be with each other and our children. This Sunday, we went to the DoSeum. Annabelle was so cute because as soon as Trace told her he thought we could make a DoSeum trip that day, she did NOT stop talking about it! She saw her favorite nursery teacher (Ms. Kat who I wish would come be my babysitter because seeing my girl jump into her arms for a hug was all this mama heart needed!) and invited her to join us. And then would not stop talking about us bringing Ms. Kat to the DoSeum all day!

Mr. Avery is really into the construction zone section of the Little Town, so he and I went and played in there for a little while and Trace found him some fun uniform pieces to dress up in. I had to catch him in these moments because he kept insisting: “mama, I fireman now.” and even when I tried to correct him, “no mama! I fireman now!” Could you not just melt right into a puddle on the floor?!

Day 28 - Monday: The Brief Calm Before the Epic Meltdown

Day 28 - Monday: The Brief Calm Before the Epic Meltdown

Confession: This was not the shot I was hoping would be my shot today. I sincerely intended to find another moment to share with you today because this one was not me in my best light or my most maternal gentleness. In fairness, it was captured when I was hoping to capture something else and things came unhinged more rapidly than I was ready to respond to because I was in “artist- mom” mode… See, here’s what happened:
My girl was going potty and brother likes to join her in the bathroom and play in the empty bathtub with all the things he shouldn’t… Today they actually started singing to each other while she sat on the potty so I thought, “her butt isn’t showing… they look so cute! Let me grab my camera! Oh no! He’s holding a bar of soap and ‘washing’ his toy vacuum… that won’t do…” (extracts said bar of soap and rushes to get camera hoping singing will continue…. sad fool that I am sometimes…) I get back to the bathroom and find big sister still singing joyfully but baby brother has tried to follow me into my forbidden office room with his vacuum now asking for the soap, but then becomes even more upset as I gently remove him from the forbidden office room. See, as I tell the story- I can see the holes. I can 100% see where I went wrong, but alas, in the moment, it was all flow. I start photographing and realize he’s about to blow. I put down my camera and became “full mom” instead of “artist-mom” and with all my best intentions, the fact is he missed his nap today so he was ready for bedtime nursies by 630 and crashed out with no warning. I sat with him sleeping in my lap until real bedtime to allow Annabelle to get through her routine before laying him down for real for the night.

So such is life sometimes.