Meet Holly | Headshots San Antonio

I have been following Holly on Instagram (@lotusrehab) for a few months now, and recently connected with her over concerns for my pelvic floor (can I get an amen mamas???). We immediately connected so it was a huge honor to me to get the opportunity to photograph her headshots. She is just a jewel of a human being!

As a Pelvic Floor physical therapist, Holly brings awareness to issues that just are not discussed enough in the birth world, nor in women’s healthcare in general. So much of what women go through in their pregnancy and postpartum periods is completely shrouded in silence! We mostly don’t know what normal is or isn’t, and we are totally uninformed about the things that go on in OUR OWN BODIES! and Holly is here to change that.

I feel like her mission is so noble and so necessary and I just can’t help telling everyone about her- even though the appointment was personal and addressed some of my private needs. I am typically a bit less public about the fact that I visited a doctor to talk about my lady bits, but ladies, please read this well:


There are way too many situations that come up of “I wish someone had told me about that” in our world. I know not everyone is local to San Antonio, but do yourself a huge favor and go on instagram and FOLLOW HOLLY!! Right now. You can also visit her website:

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