15 Year Anniversary | Couples Photography San Antonio

When a family has been with you for 7 years, let me tell you they see your work change. And having their repeat business through every season is a true testament to what kind of friends and humans they are.

Ashley and Stephen (The Weller Feller) have been my clients now for years, so when Ashley reached out about photos for their 15 year anniversary, I was quite literally, over the moon!

Getting to know these two has been such a blessing. They are friends, but they are a beautiful example too. They talk to each other, smile at each other, and love on their kiddos. Ashley is such a quiet and gentle soul and Stephen is her perfect compliment, come what may. Their story is so unique… they didn’t have a traditional wedding, or even courtship. They dated mostly long distance before they did get married and their relationship has been a journey of choices. They have chosen each other over and over again and that is such an inspiration to me! So I was thrilled to capture these images on this glorious Saturday evening the day before their anniversary. I know couples don’t share such significant occasions with just anyone, so it was deeply honoring for me to be in their presence at all.

Memories By The Smile