Welcome Baby Garen! - Lifestyle Newborn Session


My friend Morgan is, hands down, one of THE strongest women I know. She has an incredible story of grace, strength, growth, maturation and unending redeeming love. Getting to know her has been one of the great treasures of life experience for me and I don’t know that I can display my gratitude fully for her friendship in my life.

In doing life together, I get the privilege of a front row seat to her stories, including the stories of her children. Morgan is made for children- she is just made to mother. She does it so naturally and effortlessly and genuinely! She has worked so hard to have the babies she has and I love that she truly values the opportunity to have their images captured and preserved forever. This recent addition is her 2nd boy, her Garen.

She brings “large” children (8lbs + usually) and I LOVE IT! This little guy was every ounce of squishy soft rolls and sweet downy lanugo (the soft fuzz that some babies come still wearing)! He LOVED his nursing snuggles with mama, so that was wear we spent a lot of our time in photographing. The best part about a lifestyle session is that baby CAN and DOES run the show!! Their need for everyday living does not slow or disrupt the flow of the session, and in fact, it leads it! We also got some sweet sweet snuggles in with his big burly daddy and older brother and sister. Even Morgan’s mom got to jump in with a few of the images! I just LOVE the results!

So grab a cup of hot tea and snuggle up for a sweet ovarian party because you’re about to want another baby! (Call me when you get one!)