Matilda is 6 Months Old! - Smilestone Journey

There is no greater honor for me than when a family hires me to work with them multiple times, but it is even more fun when we plan to see each other 4 times in a year! I am just LOVING to watch sweet Matilda progress.

Check out her Newborn and 3 Month Sessions!

What I love about this journey is the relationships I get to build with her family. Firstly, she keeps on growing on me, and I’m just so shocked every time I see her bigger! But getting to build connections with her family on the parenting ups and downs and work they are wading through is so special too. Every time we meet for their ordering sessions, Mike, Matilda’s dad, just can’t stop exclaiming how much he loves the photos! And Caroline, Matilda’s mama and I get to catch up on how motherhood is treating her and what new challenges she is facing/ overcoming (like a flipping rockstar I might add!).

It has truly become a rewarding friendship for me as I progress through this year with them and I am so grateful that there is still more to come! For now, just enjoy this adorableness on your screen!!