This was her first time scaling this rock wall… I thought it was fitting for today’s post.

This was her first time scaling this rock wall… I thought it was fitting for today’s post.

We have been doing something since we became parents... maybe you can relate? We have been trying to be intentional about the example we are setting because it has become so clear to us how more is caught than taught. 

Sometimes I wonder if this is common practice but then I meet and hear of parents the world over who actually are thinking like this. My kids don’t hear the words I speak to them all the time... at least not consciously. But subconsciously, they are like little tape recorders processing and picking up on enormous amounts of information whether we realize what we are sharing or not. They are learning how adults think and act... are adults allowed to eat more sugar than me? Are adults excited about life and full of energy or on their phones and exhausted all the time? What does it mean to show love? When I’m angry, how am I supposed to act when I’m an adult? When I get scared? When I am sad?  How should I treat children or anyone weaker than me in any way?

My internal values create my external behavior and the framework for my kids’ future internal values... no matter how differently we try to recreate ourselves as adults, our parents’ actions leave a lasting impact on all of us. I like that my husband and I are so clear on that and actively work together and separately to create an example worth duplicating. I know we fail a lot. Our own tools aren’t always right for the job we wish we could do. But we work with what we do have and fight for new tools every day. 

I just really love that about us. So maybe this post is mostly a little self-encouragement because acquiring new mindsets and outlooks is really hard, but we are doing the hard work. Every day, we show up and we keep working. If you are too, love yourself, Mama. You are more than enough, and every day, you are getting better.