Baby I - Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This session was the sweetest and in some ways, surprisingly sweet for me. It’s hard to describe the feeling when I enter a new home but I have not encountered a family quite like this one before. All the families I work with are full of love, but by the time I finished playing with these sweet adorable kids and their parents and new baby, I was just about ready for them to adopt me and let me stay forever.

For one thing, they live out a ways from San Antonio and they have land with animals, which is like, an alternate universe dream of mine! Not because I don’t think it’s possible I will ever do that myself, I just know myself… I LOVE the IDEA of owning animals and land and being self-sufficient. But I am a city girl all the way through and bugs and manual labor don’t suit me. Being on their land, in their home and among their family really did fill my soul though!!

Firstly, Bethany herself is a warm soul- just welcoming and open. And so is her husband Chris… But kids can be such a tough equation sometimes… I never know if it is going to be easy or hard to get them endeared enough to me to work with me, even though I always find a way. Well, their kids were amazing, from the youngest to the oldest, I found an affinity with all of them. Her youngest older son, Tobias, was very 3 and I loved every bit of it because I happen to be obsessed with a very special little boy in my house and they were very similar in their behaviors- especially toward their mommies! Her middle son, Corbin, has the most epic long curly locks of hair and the kind of essence that invites you to touch him… He made such silly faces for me, and I kept finding my hands gravitating to those curls and cheeks!!! I just wanted to squeeze him! (But I didn’t because I have manners). Her oldest two, Colton and Lorelei, just made me want to cry with their sweetness. The absolute head over heels adoration they have for their new baby sister, Iona, was just SO obvious and so sweet.

I had to eventually stop taking photos, even though I wanted to stay with them all day and just play and talk and look around and enjoy their presence. But the photos I captured literally sent me to the moon, I am just in love!