Segourney's Birth Story Maternity Session


In case you had not heard, I am now including maternity portraits as part of the Birth Photography Experience for my clients and it. is. AWESOME! It gives my clients the beautiful gift of portraits to document this incredible time of their lives, but it also gives me the chance to spend time getting to know my clients and them getting to know me while we also have the camera involved. We chat, we laugh, we take awesome photos and any barriers that we may not have even known we had before begin to fall right down as we all prepare in the home stretch of pregnancy for the coming birth!

Gorgeous Segourney’s session certainly included some adventure! This Merry Month of May has been really RAINY here in San Antonio! Like, nearly every. single. day since the month started, we have had bad clouds at minimum! To say I was stoked for some sun on her session date is an understatement! I mean, I think cloudy shots can be beautiful, but I know that delivering the style of images my clients expect from me is easier to do without super heavy clouds!

This gorgeous mama even got the chance to wear 2 amazing dresses for her session. I loved BOTH! The first one was fun and spunky and form fitted, so you could very easily see that baby bump, but then we transitioned to a beautiful flowy white empire waist dress that was positively divine in that glowy sunset.

What we lacked in clouds, we made up for in BUGS! Literally, bugs everywhere! I don’t think any of us got out of there without some bites, but her boys were such troopers and so stinking cute! And in the end, we captured some absolutely gorgeous images of this incredible mama!!