Wildflowers and Glory {Adkins, TX Photography}


The joy I derived from chasing these little girls through this field of wildflowers does not seem to be fully describable. The flowers were so aromatic and vibrantly beautiful, and just a perfect match to the personalities of these two little ladies.

Sophia and Izzy are amazing, sassy, confident, silly, and so much fun. They reminded me so much of my sweet Annabelle with their seeming to always know exactly what they would or would not be willing or interested in doing. Sometimes when older kids have a session with me, I can tell they have been bribed or threatened into compliance and they totally do exactly everything I say but it can often result in somewhat forced looking fun and I have to work extra hard to get them to show me their real personalities. But not these girls. Not only were they allowed to simply say ‘no, I don’t want to do that’ on many of my requests, but I was so glad they did. The combination of their freedom to be real and my willingness to find what fit them resulted in the magic you are about to witness. There was a moment in the session where we just found the groove and everything just unfolded perfectly, the girls were having so much fun and even coming up with ideas for poses, which was AWESOME and hilarious all at once. For girls so young, they already have such a clear grasp of who they are in this moment and they are happy with themselves and it shows.