Slower is Faster


Lately, I am getting up earlier and less able to stay up later. I am putting my phone down and engaging with my kids so much more. Without being able to stay up later, I haven’t accomplished as much as I was before. I was blogging more,  but that just hasn’t made the priority list as much lately. I will keep trying, but the thing is, my kids need me. I know that deep in my bones. I know the kind of mom I am called to be, and I have finally decided to give zero sh*ts about it.

I love this business. I love feeling productive, but my kids started crying for my help- my engagement and attention and it hit me: Here I am documenting the lives of others and breaking my body to generate this beautiful business in the hope that it will bring me more time for my family, but I forgot to take and enjoy the time for my family that I am working to create. I actually am blessed to say I DO have time for my family. So I am taking it.

It may mean missing phone calls sometimes, or taking phone calls of clients with my kids screaming rowdy in the background… it may mean not staying up to date on social media drama and even world events…. but this past week, I have found some key changes to make to my approach to… everything… and I find I don’t miss life as usual. I actually don’t miss it at all. What I am loving is the newfound affection my daughter has shown me, and the new ability of communicating with my children proactively rather than reactively. The past several days have shown FAR fewer behavior issues with my kids as I intentionally put down my phone and look into their eyes…. do you ever do that? I mean, really do that? Just stop and look right at them? Read their face… send them love through your eyes? Let them know their feelings matter? I know that I was so caught up with the phone or other media sometimes that my eyes were glazed over so much. I realized recently I had not actually allowed myself to feel the love my children are trying to send me for a LONG time… I had been too busy.

I have said it before and I will say it again, life is too short. This season is too short. I refuse to miss it.