Alej's First Headshots


If you have been in San Antonio, and become a mother… there is at least some chance you have heard of Laura Gruber, of Breastfeeding Housecalls. And if you know of Laura, you will inevitably learn of her sweet Alejandra who was the baby that taught her mama to nurse!

But this isn’t that story.

Right now, Laura and Alej have been through a pretty harrowing health journey that will soon lead them to New York, and after that, it’s unclear. In the midst of the uncertainty, Alej has discovered a talent and love for singing. Each week she has gained skill and confidence in performing at a Kids Karaoke Night, and now she has been given the opportunity to work on her skills with an advanced vocal instructor here in town. Alej was not only advanced to intermediate level instruction immediately after her first audition, but she will be performing in some of her instructor’s shows coming soon! She also had the chance to audition for San Antonio’s Little Big Stars and be showcased with others at Little Carver Theatre on March 24th. Laura says this is exactly the kind of work she needs both physically and emotionally to continue going strong against her frustrating health symptoms.

To say it was my honor to photograph this little blossom is an understatement. I have been friends with Laura since I started this business and her love and support both personally (she helped me learn to breastfeed my children) and professionally have been life-giving to me. And sweet Alejandra has always been somewhat reserved and quiet but that’s what makes her smiles and responses such gifts. I even got to hear her sing while we did her photos so we could have some shots of her doing what she does! I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did! And with her mother’s permission, I am sharing the gofundme that has been created in their honor. If you wish to learn more about Alej’s health journey and support this sweet family, you can do so here.