Trashing the Dress | New Braunfels Photography


If you live in San Antonio, TX and haven’t heard of Joscelyn, or River Laurence, then you probably don’t know fully what this mama has been through. To say that she has braved much would be an understatement. But I got to bring her some smiles through my work and I have to say, I am beyond thrilled with the results!

Joscelyn’s son River died of cancer and its treatments in 2017 at the very young age of 5. He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when he was just 2 years old. In his name, Joscelyn founded the non-profit, River’s Rainbows and that is where our paths began to intersect. For those who may not know, I run a small Amazon store along side of my photography business and one of the products I offer is custom-designed apparel which can feature company logos and pretty much any design you want sold and shipped by Amazon. So of course, to help raise money for River’s Rainbows, I had to create a shirt for them! Joscelyn is also my hair dresser, and when she asked me to schedule this mini session, I was thrilled to set it up for her!

Joscelyn says she has wanted to do a trash the dress session since before she got married since she knew her dress was only single-use anyway! But then, she thought to include her daughter Sparrow and oooh did this little girl bring some magic and sparkle! Not only were both of them sporting gorgeous rainbow hair, but Joscelyn is a simply brilliant canvas of color all over and she is gorgeous from every angle!

As Joscelyn has entered new chapters in her life, this session was able to take on new significance and I hope it has brought her the joy she needed in the moments we had together. In her I saw depth, love, vulnerability, and still under it all, the mighty roar of a woman and a mother.

If you need an excuse to meet her, go get your hair done by her at Outside the Lines Salon… She did hers and Sparrow’s hair and make ups for this session! I LOVED them! She cuts my hair too!

Thank you Joscelyn and Sparrow for letting me into your world for this session! It was my first time shooting anything like this and I had so much fun!