Bellies and Bluebonnets {Maternity Portraits New Braunfels, TX}

031519 Bluebonnets-69.jpg

My WORD a week can surely fly by in the blink of an eye! It has been my goal to stay on top of blogging at least once per week but preferably 3 times! And I turned my head and found it was 10 days since my last post! Dear oh dear!

This sweet session was a week or 2 ago now just for one of my dearest friends who got excited for the first time to enjoy bluebonnet season with her little girl. The fun thing is, she is also expecting a baby boy in a couple of months and I just can’t wait to photograph his newborn session in their new home!

I have known Morgan for 8 or 9 years now, since we both were pre-marriage so it has been truly incredible to watch God work in her life and marriage. She is literally a gem, a diamond formed out of the pressures and heat of life and I value her friendship more than I can possibly say. I love love love seeing her belly grow and praying for her family as we all do life together.

To say this session was a challenge may be an understatement! Many photographers think you can just shoot anywhere when you have cloudy skies, but this is not true. Lighting is an art and a science and to get my style to be consistent, I have to pay extra attention when the skies are cloudy! The other thing was those beautiful lacy dresses offered little protection against the cold breeze that kept blowing the clouds in! haha! Poor Calia (the baby) was shivering so we had to move fast. Thankfully, my shivering made her laugh and laugh so we got some adorable images of her sweet smile and her snuggling with mama which helped her stay warm. Hat’s off to these clients, they were incredible for this session!

031519 Bluebonnets-25.jpg