Day 72 of 365 #365dailymoments - In social media, I do not trust


I posted this image on Instagram today after the whole fiasco of Facebook and Instagram glitching out majorly was finally over.

I learned a lot from today’s events. Not all of it related to the internet and social media.

  1. This age Annabelle is at, it’s interesting. She is 3 months away from turning 4 and she fluctuates between maturity that shocks us and downright toddler rage. It’s bananas. This instance was that her dad was standing in front of her asking if she could please go help clean up the mess of pages she had ripped into thin shreds and tossed all over the kitchen floor, and she politely declined and started to “read” her book. #hellothreenager

  2. I look at my phone WAAAAAAYYYY. TOO. MUCH!! I am literally considering hiding it somewhere away from myself between certain hours of the day when I am not on call for births because it is ridiculous. I sometimes catch myself speaking to my children, but looking at my phone.

  3. Social media cannot be my primary or only way to reach out.

So I am back to blogging this project daily or almost daily. I realize it may end up feeling like oversharing, but if so, I can always course correct because that’s what you do in life.