Diary of a New Intermittent Faster - Entry 2

The last week or so I have not felt as motivated to fast, which has surprised me. I thought once I started this journey, I would not need to motivate myself… I was feeling so good at first, I just didn’t even want to eat.

I actually decided to jump into my first 3 day fast the week of Valentine’s Day (or in my house, my birthday) and I was very excited until I hit about the 24 hour point and was D-O-N-E DONE. I have a friend who is also fasting as part of her lifestyle that I have been reaching out to as a resource and general guide and she told me to remember that fasting is something I can do for the rest of my life. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing right this second. So I broke my fast and ate normally the rest of the week, including breakfast. It was my birthday after all.

But this week, I have noticed I have to talk myself into skipping breakfast again. I find myself looking at chocolate like it could be a friend rather than a painful foe… I even pulled some ice cream out of my Mother In Law’s freezer the other night and ate some! Part of me wonders who the heck I am becoming and the other part of me keeps singing the mantra… “I have my whooooole life. Slow and steady. Just don’t give up.”

More to come, but that was this week.