Matilda at 3 Months - 'Smile'stones


You guys, this session just made my heart sing. Truly. I met this sweet family a few months back while they were still pregnant with Matilda and had the honor to photograph them with their doula team, Tranquil Seasons. I had the opportunity to photograph their Newborn Portraits and now we are set to follow this sweet girl through her first year of life!

What I really loved about this session was the win that sweet Caroline is experiencing with nursing. At her Newborn session, I offered (as I always do) to create some breastfeeding portraits for her, but she explained through pained expression that right now, it would be too stressful. Baby girl was born with lip and tongue ties and that was really making nursing difficult for everyone. My heart went out to her so much because I know how deeply so many mamas want to be able to nurse and how unfair it can feel that many mamas have an easy time and take that for granted. We talked about different resources and some options to try and resolve her issue over text even after her session was over. Thankfully, she has a wonderful community and support system to help her. In the last several weeks, they have gone through revision therapy and things have gotten so much better. I was so honored to have the opportunity to photograph them nursing this time and, ooooooh the results!!!

I imagine life isn’t perfect- small babies are always a bundle of adventure! But the LOVE you can see in this family…. it’s truly what makes me tick and why I LOVE this job.