Deuce's Birth Story - San Antonio Birth Photographer

Confession: This was my first birth in an official capacity in 3 years! I stopped taking clients during the first years of my son and daughter’s lives and now I am finally back in action. I have agreed to limit the number of births I go on call for throughout the year to protect the roll I have come to play in my family and maintain the balance I need to be the mother I want to be, but BOY DID I MISS IT! This birth was everything I needed and then some.

You may remember the lovely Amber from her Milk Bath Session, well seeing her give birth was just as astonishing. She was an absolute lioness. Get this: She chose a home birth (against the expectations of some of her friends and family), and as she approached the pushing phase of her labor, it was discovered that baby boy was posterior! For those who have never given birth before or are not familiar with the different positions of babies being born, posterior means baby’s back was facing momma’s back. That is a pretty difficult and painful position for a baby to be birthed from. She had been laboring for over 24 hours by this point and was TIRED, and her pushing urge was weak due to the different pressure baby’s head was placing on her cervix. An anterior baby (the “normal/ easier” position- *NOTE QUOTATIONS- birth is never really easy and normal has many variations, this one included) will put more even pressure on the cervix, creating a strong pushing urge when the cervix is fully dilated. But this strong mama had to help her boy finish opening her oh so ready cervix. She bore down, having no experience of pushing a child into the world before! Again and again, she persisted until finally, his head appeared! The room filled with excitement and joy as we all internally “pushed” in empathy and shared work with her. When the head was fully born, her midwife (Nikki Brown) pointed out a nuchal hand that was near baby’s face. Moments later, his body shot out as though he couldn’t have waited a moment longer and as he came, Nikki swiftly passed him directly into his daddy’s unsuspecting hands. The emotion was overwhelming. Carrington wept as he held his namesake for the first time and was assisted with passing him over to Amber’s chest. I cried behind my camera, so deeply honored to bear witness to this incredible day.

Fun things about this birth:
- This was Amber and Carrington’s first child. They affectionately call him Deuce.
- Deuce was born with an extra finger on each hand, this is hereditary!
- This birth took place at Amber’s mother’s house. Their family is extremely loving and close knit. All the grandparents circulated to check in and assist throughout the laboring process.
- Deuce was also born on Nikki’s 20th anniversary of becoming a nurse.