#365dailymoments - Days 38 & 39 {Personal Project}

Whew! What a week! I had to catch up on a little self-care yesterday and I have been working tirelessly on updating my website to make my client experiences flow better! So last night, while I did create a photo for the day (it’s really cute!) I did not get the chance to share the story so I will share it today <3


Day 38: My boy in a tiara.

These are the moments I photograph for! I cannot wait to put this one in an album. My son is the sweetest, strongest, toughest, most sensitive little boy I know. I adore him. I love the way he plays with and adores his sister. I love the way he hugs on me… I actually just got a video of him hugging me over and over and over, cooing all the while. I love how he has finally grown attached to his daddy! His giant little heart literally is intoxicating for me. I find myself unable to pull away from his embrace when he’s loving on me, even when I am busy. And this moment right here is just one tiny piece of the why. I don’t even have all the words for why that is, it just is. He is. And I adore him.


Day 39: The last 3 minutes

I saw a gentle parenting meme today that said there 9 minutes in a child’s day that have the greatest impact on that child: the first 3 minutes right after they wake up, the 3 minutes after they come home from school, and the last 3 minutes of the day before they go to bed. Every night at bed time, no matter what our day has been like, Trace and I read to our kids, spend 10 minutes in the dark, rocking, nursing, singing, praying with them. And then we lay in bed with them for another 10-15 minutes as they fall asleep. Trace says it’s his favorite time of day because of the conversations he gets to have with our girl. I love the silent bond growing between Avery and I as we near the end of our nursing journey. The sacredness of these moments is almost too deep to describe, but there is such deep love in our family. We may lack many things, but love abounds like you wouldn’t believe and I am so grateful for that.