#365dailymoments - day 35 {Personal Project}


Today was fun. Today I fasted until about 1pm. I have been experimenting with intermittent fasting and it has been very eye-opening to see (1) how long I can actually go without eating and feel totally great, and (2) how much easier life is when I am not absorbed in trying to plan all my meals and feed myself. It also has made trying to eat a Keto diet WAY easier because I only have to worry about 1-2 meals a day rather than 3 meals every day all the time. Today, I took my kids to the library and we checked out some books to do reading times in the mornings. They played in the play area while I picked out fun books for them. It was funny, my little rule-keeper got on another little boy because he used a phrase I don’t prefer she use. She told him, “excuse me, we don’t need to say bad words please.” and then tried to involve me when he was confused about what bad words he had said!!! His mom was sitting with me and I wasn’t about to tell another mom to address her kid’s language for saying a “bad word” that is pretty much only bad in my house for my kid to say! When we got home, Avery needed his nap and Annabelle decided to play outside. Here’s where the adventure of today began. While I nursed Avery, Annabelle was alone for about 10 minutes. I have gained a high enough level of trust for her to be able to nurse with the door open, and it takes me less than 3 seconds to travel the 20 feet between our bedroom and our back door should she need me for an emergency so I put him to sleep with the door open. What I underestimated is the level of trouble she could cause without having an emergency. 

For those that don’t know, sidewalk chalk becomes a wet sticky mess when it gets rained on (the chalk pieces themselves, not the writing on the sidewalk). It basically turns into paint. When I came out of the bedroom, I found orange chalk hand prints all over my cabinets and walls! I tried to remain calm but was noticeably upset, as she proudly showed me her masterpieces. I said, “I know that was fun, but why would you do this to the walls!?” To which her response was, “I wanted to paint some pretty paw prints for you and daddy. I thought you would like them!” with sadness. I told her thank you, but art projects work best on paper and asked her to clean up. This is gentle parenting in action. It’s love and logic. I truly do believe she thought her actions were brilliant and she was legitimately sad to see that I was not as thrilled as she expected with her work on the walls. But she also has a great work ethic and worked really hard for a solid 15 minutes using my Norwex cloth and soap to try and get the stain out of the walls. She didn’t want to stop working even when I explained the stain wasn’t coming out anymore than she had already gotten it. I love seeing that all the love I am putting into her seems to be growing into something good. We are not even close to perfect, but there’s so much grace between us and that is something. 

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