How to decorate your home with photographs

If you have spent any time on my website, you have seen that I provide a full service photography experience. I never wrap up a photographic experience with a client with zero printed images delivered. I just don’t do it. You don’t go out to eat and expect them to make you cook your own food… You don’t go to Nordstrom and not get waited on by a personal shopper… you don’t come to my photography business and leave with unfinished products either. And that’s what digital images are… especially when the images are of your memories. Memories just simply can’t be enjoyed or celebrated the same without having something physical to interact with. This is my opinion and the opinion of the clients who have worked with me over the years. So I just don’t do it to my clients. I do things all the way.

Why you should almost NEVER settle for just the digitals

I know— I said ALMOST… There are VERY few exceptions to this rule in my opinion. In most cases, those are not the people who come to me to capture their memories.

In most cases, people come to me to capture special memories which are intended to be displayed and enjoyed in their home. Some people think, “well it’s just as good to share it on social media!” To those people, I submit the encouragement to consider where they would rather their kids spend their time: on the phone playing with social media and liking photos? Or gathered round an album or sitting next to you gazing up at a beautiful image on the wall while you tell them the story of how much you love them? I am not here to pass judgement on anyone’s parenting based on what they choose to do with their portraits, but I am asking you to consider the ramifications of where your images are best displayed.

One of my daughter’s FAVORITE bedtime stories is the story of her birth. She gets angry when I try to put it away. She knows the story pretty well now because we have talked about the pictures over and over…

“look mommy, you were working hard!… Oh there’s Nikki! And then there I was!!… You were so happy I got borned! You were giving me birth!”

She is just 3, but this story bonds us. She loves to look around at the photos of her and her brother on our walls. “Mommy, who’s holding Avery in that picture?” The stories in their lives absolutely fascinate them and play such a huge role in how they see themselves and interpret our expressions of love for them. Why would I not want something tangible to share?

And I haven’t even covered the information corruption that takes place over time. Before you know it, your hard drive will not be accessible anymore— I have experienced this myself more than once! All it takes is one good drop, and there goes your information. Often, you might be able to get it back from your photographer, but not always. I have paid for a hard drive recovery before… it costs as much as, if not more than my clients usually pay for their prints.

Please understand, I am not against my clients having digital images that they paid me to create… I actually always give digital images to my clients. But I do believe that if that is all my clients get from me, I have done them a disservice.

How to work with your space

When I go into a consult with a family, I always ask about which rooms are most important to them to have decorated first. Then I consider how that space is used most frequently.

Is it an intimate space where only family goes? Is it a public space that guests will see regularly? How far away from people potentially touching it will it be? Is there a safer space to display your art?

It is also important to consider how much space you have on the wall you want to decorate. I have a fantastic software program that can be calibrated specifically to your walls and display the images we choose in various sizes and show you exactly how that size will look in the space you have!

Most importantly, you have to consider your family’s unique personality and what flows for you. More important than what others will see is what you will see and how often. How often do you want to reminisce on the love between you and your nursling? The triumph of the moment your child was born? The delight of your growing baby bump? You might want to consider placing certain images where you will be sure to see them often.

Truthfully, there are countless combinations for what you can do with your space. Every option is as unique as the individual and their home, which is why I always recommend the help of a professional. Work with someone who will take the time to get to know you and your space so that they can make informed recommendations for wall art placement!

Plan ahead

If you are planning to do multiple sessions over time, consider the build up.

With some of my clients, we plan 3-4 sessions over the course of a whole year! In those cases, my goal is not to get every surface decorated with ONE session. I keep the progression in mind. I will typically recommend the location to start your first images in and where to move them to as you add images to the galleries. I help you make sure that not only will the end result look beautiful, but so will the in-between stages!

Some ideas/ inspiration

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