#365dailymoments - Day 31 {Personal Project}


#365dailymoments - Day 31

I didn’t post yesterday and didn’t photograph today because I suddenly felt awful with some kind of sinus yuck so here is yesterday. 

Them NOT sharing. Parents, the DoSeum is not really a date place. 😂 I tried a mom date there, and I was hoping to chat with and feel like I was getting to know the mama, but let’s be real- I was chasing my kids and she was changing hers. We did get to chat some of our paths were so blessed as to cross in the chasing but it wasn’t how I envisioned getting to know her so we will definitely have to try more mom dates in the future. I, of course, brought my camera because taking photos at home can get a little boring at times and I was hoping for some adventure shots. I got this one though. 

On the surface, they are next to each other and not pushing. But then I had to help them take turns... and then a line of other children started to form behind us... and then I had to put Avery in the Ergo to restrain him because he started trying to push another little boy who had waited patiently for a turn and when I helped him get that turn, Avery decided it wasn’t going to fly. Le sigh. Shout out to the mama who offered to help me clip my ergo whilst I struggled to strap him in with his arms and legs flailing wildly. 

Let me just soapbox for a sec here because I am a FIRM believer in #gentleparenting, but I would like to clarify for those who may think gentle means pushover. I am really big on giving my children #bodyautonomy and respecting their no in almost EVERY circumstance. However, his behavior was preventing another child from having his body respected and at that point my job became “keep both children safe”- so I wrestled my son into a safe place secured against my body until he was calm again. I did not hurt him in response to his hurtful behavior because that would only distance us in our relationship and in that moment when his emotions are all over the place, what he needs to know is that his mommy loves him no matter what and will first keep him safe- even from himself. 

Here’s a list of risks that swatting him might have created:

  1. He gets angry, and hurt that I have hit him and runs away from me making it harder for me to keep him and his sister safe at the same time

  2. He tries hitting me back or hitting the child who is in his way- leading to what logical conclusion? This is a power struggle now which generally never ends well. 

  3. Someone sees this fiasco and decides my response to my child is abusive and gets the authorities involved. No thanks. 

I got him in the ergo and promptly went to address his sister’s tantrum because by this point everyone was tired. Thankfully, I was able to divert their attention back to fun and also advised them that their behavior was demonstrating tiredness and we could leave if they needed to rest. They decided they weren’t ready to leave and we had a grand time until time to go really came. End soapbox. Haha. 

Love on your kiddos friends, they are worth it! 

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