#365dailymoments | Day 30 {Personal Project}

A couple of days each week, my kids get to go spend time at one of my dear friend’s home while I get some work done. They always whine they don’t want to go, but then never want to leave when I get there and act SUPER worn out when we get home. There are usually more arguments and rough housing on these days of the week. I have learned this and mentally prepare for it.

But in between the “MINES” and “STOP ITS!” there are brief moments of playful wrestling and sharing. Until I was about 10 years old, I really had no siblings. My step sisters became part of my life when I was 10, but none of them lived with me so I still lived much like an only child even after my mom had my little brother and sister when I was 12 and 13. So I never got to partake in this kind of friendship as a toddler, where someone can rile you up so bad you want to bust their face and make them bleed, but then you love them too much to see them hurt. One of my step sisters and I did get to that level pretty quickly, but we were older and there was a higher expectation on us to figure out peace without an adult intervening.

Anyway, watching my kids is a unique experience with which I don’t always 100% relate but I am always curious about and enjoy.


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