#365dailymoments | Day 29 {Personal Project}


Today I did something a little different than usual. Usually, I am lucky to get one good image a day for this project mainly due to time constraints. Today, I was with my kids all day and I was able to take the day more in sections: morning, after nap… after snack… before dinner. 

This morning I decided to get some shots of me snuggling my little guy. He truly is an epic smuggler. He LOVES to be held and just hold me back. As much skin to skin as he can get, he will take (nursies too #extendedbreastfeeding) 


During Avery’s nap, Annabelle and Trace did a little bit of unschooling and he showed her videos of Hippos on his phone. These 2 truly have a special bond and I am so honored to get to watch it unfold and grow!


When Avery woke up, he and Annabelle pretended it wasn’t cold outside for a few minutes. Then they came inside to eat their all time favorite snack right now: frozen blueberries. The 4th image is him trying to reason with me that he does in fact need a 3rd serving of blueberries. (No my love…)


Before dinner, these two suddenly became 2 peas in a pod and had so much fun playing together on our kitchen mat! hahaha! I got several shots of them being cute, but when he randomly flashed that laugh at me, I couldn’t even deal! 

Today we got a lot of cleaning done around the house and just were together as a family. Many days can feel like we work work work work and don’t progress, but feelings aren’t reality and we are growing. We grow daily in our love toward each other. Hubs and I are growing as parents and its really making a difference for our children. They are calmer and kinder to one another and even to us! Haha, so even if everything isn’t 100% perfect, I’ll keep seeing the progress. Goodnight friends. Thanks for reading! <3 

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