Zuber Family | Holiday Traditions Mini {Boerne, Texas}

This incredible family has become dear friends over the last couple of years so it was a special treat to have the opportunity to photograph them decorating their Christmas tree. I just started offering Holiday Tradition Sessions and I think it will definitely become an annual thing going forward! What a special way to commemorate some of the warmest and most intimate memories you make throughout your lifetime!

The Zubers’ oldest daughter, Sophia, is such a little lady already and not even a teenager yet! She has such a beautiful maturity about her that makes you just enjoy her company from the moment you speak to her. She loves gymnastics, and seems very connected with her mama.

The younger two kiddos are actually twins! (Born at home on purpose, go mama!) Johnny loves soccer and arm wrestling with his friends, and Isabella loves being silly! She had me cracking up while she was working on the tree! Lots of funny little moves and dances and songs.

I love this family because they are so full of warmth and welcoming hearts! They moved to Texas from Oregon a couple of years ago, but they haven’t lost the awe for San Antonio and their beautiful country life. I see facebook posts from Audrey (their mama) almost every day saying how much she loves her kids and her family and how grateful she is for life. They are truly a beautiful picture of the type of family I hope mine will be like one day! I am so grateful they allowed me in their home to document these special moments!

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