#365dailymoments | Week 4- Personal Project

This week we were in El Paso all day Sunday, spent the day driving home Monday (with some not so fun diaper situations), and tried to get back into our groove the rest of the week. These babies keep me on my toes and we have as much fun as we do difficulty! Check out this week’s moments below!


Day 20 - Sunday - Finding a way to play together.
These 2 got to play a LOT with their cousins over the weekend and it was awesome and hard all at once. There were so many toys that they weren’t accustomed to, which made them even more fun!! And of course, made sharing difficult. I got to dig in with my motherhood challenge of coaching them through several interactions with each other and their cousins so they would not hurt anyone! Part of capturing this shot in close proximity was my peaceful approach to sitting close enough to them to keep my voice quiet and physically assist them where needed. #gentleparentingwins


Day 21: Monday - Looks can be deceiving….
It somewhat looks like they are cuddling, but they are arguing. This moment was after our LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG drive home from El Paso this weekend and they had HAD it!! Exhausted, hungry, yet somehow still moving… big emotions are inevitable. He touched her toy, Lord forbid! So she laid into him… literally. She has been getting better at finding ways to not hit him, but she still finds ways to physically bring him discomfort… this being one of them. I got just a few quick images this day, and had to jump in as referee. #refereemom


Day 22: Tuesday-

I love how they play and have no regard for the weather. I had to sneak outside briefly to capture these images and run back in because I was cold! But the sweetness of him grunting his way up the slide, and her twirling, dancing and singing at the top of her voice are the moments of this day. She has no reason to believe that she should do anything besides sing and sing and sing. I wish that would last forever.


Day 23- Wednesday - Rawr…
What can I say? Three is fun. It’s HARD. It pulls EVERYTHING out of you and makes you think “if it’s hard now, how will I ever handle the teenage years??!!” But it’s so much fun too. Her personality is so fluid and fascinating right now. Sometimes she talks like a baby- I can’t understand her and it makes me want to pull my hair out. Then she suddenly converts to adult conversation and wants to know how it is possible I can have 2 dads, and is her uncle my brother and why does Daddy have to go to work?

On Thursday and Friday, I took a break from photographing. I was really busy and what moments I might normally have captured, I participated in instead.


Day 26 - Saturday - Mama, Can I have some tape?

I am not exactly sure what happened to cost Rainbow Bright her head, but it was a sad moment this morning having to explain to Annabelle that tape would not fix the problem. While I photographed her request, you can see her little brother behind her, hard at work to get her the tape she requested. She and I, on the other hand, had a disagreement about whether the tape would solve her problem and whether Rainbow Bright would ever have her head back. Oh, motherhood!!

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