#365dailymoments | Personal Project

Week 3

I have decided to start blogging my personal project with my kids. I’m already into the 3rd week of 2019 and so far it’s been a lot of fun! To briefly bring you up to speed on the first couple of weeks:

This year started with us coming home from visiting my family in Dallas after saying goodbye to my sweet grandfather. I came home and shot a 1st birthday party and then my first birth of 2019!! (Get excited for those blog posts coming!) All the while, I give my best to pull out my camera every day to document my own family and my kids in their moments.

This week, we were BUSY! I DROPPED my hard drive a couple of weeks back so it died, and I have found that working directly out of Dropbox is just not reasonable for me! I spent most of Monday moving files over to a new SSD which I am hoping will be more durable and just a better long term fit for my business. Then spent Tuesday house cleaning and prepping for our trip to El Paso that we left for on Thursday! Wednesday was also prep day, and then Thursday we drove for 8 hours. Our kids did AMAZING. Sleeping or singing, Annabelle only had ONE accident the whole ride and poor Avery had a pretty bad blowout, but behaviorally, they were so great. So patient! We are so grateful.

Friday, they played with their cousins most of the day. Avery’s poor tummy still seemed a bit off but he’s happy and content so we were just being careful what we fed him. 

Saturday we got to drive from El Paso to Cloudcroft, New Mexico and found a really cool little piece of mountain with snow! It had apparently snowed a few days beforehand so it was a little too icy for building snowmen, but they tried anyway! I also got my first experience sledding (I’m a Texas girl and have never really been a fan of snow... nor ever experience enough for sledding!) which was a blast! My kids loved their first sled rides too and Annabelle didn’t want to leave! 

This week has been tricky. My husband and I are both entrepreneurs with different businesses and both of our businesses are still very much in their early chapters so we wear a lot of hats. More hats than we really should right now. But we are learning and growing and moving forward everyday and doing our best to be present with our kids when we are with them. This trip has been so needed. Even though the level of workload that awaits me when I get home is a smidge overwhelming, I’m so glad my kids got the chance to create these memories with our family and with us. I hope we can get other opportunities to have little adventures like this as life moves forward. 


Tuesday- Day 15 - My little supergirl. She is wearing a towel we got for Christmas on her back with a paper grip holding it in place. She insisted I place it like this because “that’s how Daddy does it.” And then she flitted around the house being super. 


Wednesday - Day 16 - I have been wanting to capture a shot before bedtime for a while. We typically try to read a story and we always rock them and lay down with them til they are sleeping. Before bed though, there’s usually a bit of a banter back and forth of mommy and daddy saying, “get your pull up... let’s change your diaper... put away the toys... come on guys!”

But while we wait, we are often on our phones (yes, we are perfect parents just like you!), and they jump up to the bed to start singing. Their favorite thing is to see themselves in the mirror and perform. This was one such show. 


Thursday - Day 17- my sweet sleepy guy on the road at one of the pit stops on our LOOONG trip!


Friday - Day 18 - playing at the cousins’s house!! He had been head-butting this thing to knock it down. It was the cutest thing ever! 


Saturday- Day 19 - snow day! My handsome hubs making a little appearance too. And can I just say, I adore this man! He is so human, but he is so persistent- a quality he has 100% passed onto our son!! It really is hard for him to wear as many hats as he does and he isn’t perfect at it, but he is present and he keeps trying every day to make sure he doesn’t miss these moments with our kids. 

Thanks for reading. If you want to follow along daily, check out #365dailymoments on Instagram. More to come next week!