Newborn Lifestyle Portraits

Here are some ways you can best prepare for your newborn session.

  1. Please visit this link to get suggestions for styling your session: If I did not send you an access code yet, please reach out to me and I will get that to you so you can use this service. It’s perfect for planning and even purchasing your attire for the session- or just using it as a guide for what is already in your closet!

  2. When it comes to attire for baby, SIMPLE is usually better. I am big on mostly nude, or single-garment outfits for babies. Typically, patterns can distract, but not always. If you find an outfit you love but are concerned about the pattern, just text me a photo of it and we can discuss possibilities. This is YOUR session after all. My job is simply to make everyone look great! My primary recommendation is to keep the fact that having multiple outfit changes during the session may frustrate the baby and slow things down a bit. I generally like to let baby sleep as much as they can/ want to during these sessions. If they are alert, I still like to keep them happy!

  3. Pinterest to your heart’s content. In our consultation, we will talk about the most important images that you want me to capture, and your desires are important to me. So we will talk about the best ways to make them happen!

  4. Don’t over think it. In lifestyle sessions, my goal is to capture your family as it really is. If an older sibling is having a meltdown- that’s real life. And it’s ok. All humans have emotions. If baby has a blow out, that’s a memory! If mama has to nurse for the entire session, or if I get there right when she starts pumping, or if dad is making a bottle or breakfast— I want to capture all that! Let’s be real with each other- stories are where my work shines and they are what will end up on your wall.

  5. Make the house a little warm. If baby ends up naked during our session for any reason, we want him/her comfortable if possible. Typically, warming up the house a bit helps with that. In addition to this, have a few simple, but cute swaddling blankets for the session, I love aiden & anais but really, there are so many awesome choices out there… Just not the velcro burrito wraps. I have yet to see one of those that I wanted to photograph! Haha!

  6. Plan for up to 3 hours. Since we won’t be stressing too much about “perfect” (read unrealistic) posing, these sessions don’t always take a super long time, but I always find it wise to plan for a little extra time in case babies need it. Sometimes, it’s that extra few minutes of patience that pays off in beautiful unplanned shots!

  7. Please reschedule your session if anyone at the session has had a fever in the last 24 hours. Since I work with children, birthing mothers, and have babies of my own. I can not risk exposing anyone to bugs where it can be avoided. I also don’t recommend planning a photo session within 48 hours of anyone getting shots. Most kiddos have some sort of struggle of feeling a little bit icky after shots since their immune system is doing its thing. The last thing we want is miserable photos! So I am happy to be flexible and reschedule your session if need be.

  8. Your ordering session will take place within 2 weeks of your session date in your home. It should take about an hour. We will sit down and look through the best images and I will help you choose which images to print and/ or put into albums.