Meet Milena

It is my desire to create a business in which my clients feel comfortable to let me into their lives. I realize in order to create a safe space for you, I should share some of me. So here goes…

I am a bit of a free spirit and late bloomer… I have spent a lot of my life not sure exactly who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. But picking up a camera and learning to tell stories with it has become one of my greatest joys in life. So much so, that even when I thought I lost myself, I still gravitated back toward the thing I love and the thing that makes me feel like me.

In college I took a photography course just for fun… When I became a wife, I knew motherhood wasn’t far off anymore and I was scared of giving birth. I remember thinking, “why doesn’t our culture give women the opportunity to participate in each other’s births?! No wonder we are scared of it… we don’t know a thing about it!” I had just decided to start a photography business and realized, maybe I could create my own opportunity to participate in births by photographing them! I honestly thought this was a new concept… google showed me otherwise. As I began to photograph births, I learned just why giving birth in the US could be so frightening… the treatment and disregard for women’s rights in labor was sometimes atrocious, and I knew I could not just stand by without the knowledge or tools to empower and help women. I decided to become a doula and wow! My world exploded! The more I learned about women’s bodies, birth, the nature of women and our roles in families, the more I knew I am created to serve women.

Since having my babies, I have stepped away from the doula role in an official capacity, although I will always advocate for and with women where it is necessary. Today, I empower women with my camera. I show them their beauty, I honor them, I honor their partners and their children and the irreplaceable role they have in their families and our world. I don’t just love what I get to do, I am called to it… I can’t stop even if I wanted to. It literally gives me life! So much of my journey has led me to this path, so I invite you to scroll down and get to know me beyond just the pretty pictures.

Team Awesome: AKA Team TreLe


I married my husband in 2011. We met at his house at a Bible study he used to lead and within 18 months, we were married. We laugh a lot about our story because it was slightly unusual. For one thing, he’s a rapper… I don’t even really like rap that much. He also would have considered himself a home-body and slightly anti-social, but shortly before we met, he told his friends he knew God was bringing him a wife soon. They would ask, “bro, how are you going to meet anyone? You never go anywhere!!” and he would joke back, “she will just show up on my doorstep one of these days with a bouquet of roses and a name tag that says ‘Trace’s Wife’.”

To be clear, I did no such thing. I only came to his house to get some music from a friend with whom I was sharing an itunes gift card, but that is another story. I knew the second I saw him, there was something unique about him. As our friendship progressed, I began to realize I didn’t want to live without him. He will always tell you he knew we were meant to be from the first moment. I wasn’t so sure. Even when we got married, I remember knowing I loved him so much but that it was always a choice.

Now, it’s nearly 8 years and 2 kids later. We have braved financial difficulty, emotional upheaval, the loss of a pet, raising a new puppy, 2 home births, 2 toddlers, and so much self-discovery together. By now, he’s the ride or die I always imagined being married to. He backs me up when I need childcare or just to cry. He listens when I talk birthy things even if it turns his stomach some (which, by the way, it usually does not… he’s pretty well-educated by now). He supports everything I do so when you get me, inevitably, he is going to touch you too.