For Photo Session prep…

Hair and Makeup

A Very Good Hair Day:
Jade Wade:

Session Styling

Style & Select: (Use my access code to play around: q99s680s… When you book, you’ll get your own access code to plan your session!)
Sew Trendy Accessories: <<< CLICK HERE FOR 15% OFF

More to come…

Do you know of a service or company that should be included in these resources? PLEASE send them my way! I want to have more options here! Reputation goes a long way though and if I don’t know them personally, your feelings about working with them will speak volumes to my decision to add them here. Also, if you are a local business friend who shares a target audience (without us creating conflicting interests of course), please email your info to be added here ( The more resources I can help my clients access, the better!

For Birth and Motherhood Related Needs…



Essence Wellness Chiropractic:
Advanced Care Back & Body:
Sweeny Chiropractic & Wellness:


Breastfeeding Housecalls:
Denise Holbrook:
The Milc Group:

Car Seat Safety

Ruth Castillo: (Best to call for assistance: 210-744-6607)


Alamo City Babywearing:

Krystal Fare:


Birthing From Within:

Pelvic floor Physical Therapy

Lotus Rehab: