Your Session Experience


Memories By The Smile Photography is a small business comprised of ME. Milena ViVenzio! I am currently a bit of a one woman show, and being a full time mommy as well, it is important to me to create a photography experience for you that I would want for my own family.

After 8 years in business, I have seen so many stories, documented the beginnings of so many sweet lives. I have shared so much with so many families and each session makes me fall more in love with this job!

With each family I am honored to work with, I try to build a real relationship. I think about them even when I am not working on their sessions! Haha! I pray for them before, during and after every shoot because they aren’t just another client to me. I don’t take it lightly that you are entrusting me to not only take beautiful photos of your family, but to take part in the telling of your story.

Besides taking care of my family, photographing families’ and their precious children is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. I am so excited for you to keep scrolling and learn how working with me isn’t your typical photography experience. It is so much more!

my philosophy

I get it. Life is literally flying by. Maybe you are pregnant and overwhelmed by how suddenly short 9 months of pregnancy feels! Maybe you are a mother of 3 or 4 gorgeous kiddos and haven’t slowed down to soak in your memories in a while. My goal as your photographer is to make the process of preparing for your session as simple and straightforward as possible. Photography is so much more than just images, it is literally like time capsules on display in your home: each image a moment frozen in time to transport you back for just one more fleeting moment to enjoy what once was. I believe you not only deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing photographic experience.

When my families feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, the results are genuine, emotion-filled images that tell a beautiful story!

As I look at the images on display in my own home; my birth images, my family portraits- all of them lifestyle in nature… they are absolutely priceless to me. The photographers I have worked with have been wonderful at making me and my husband feel comfortable in front of the camera and therefore capturing the essence of our our love and who we really are. I know what it feels like to see my loves from the outside the way I do on the inside, and I believe you deserve that heartswelling feeling too. Your life is your experience! And photography is a huge part of that experience… at least I believe it should be. And I believe it should be enjoyable, natural, and authentic. Don’t you? My goal is to not only create incredible images that you will love, but it’s also to craft a delightful experience you will never forget.

The Process

One way I ensure that my families get the best photographic experience is by building real relationships with them! I try my best to make sure the families I work with are the BEST fit for me before officially booking. A family should connect with their photographer and trust her. They should be EXCITED about the whole process with her! After booking, I love to get to know my clients! With Birth and Newborn Portrait clients, this can be done through a MATERNITY session that helps them warm up to the camera and to me so that on the day of their Birth or Newborn Session, we have already established really comfortable relationships with each other. I have found that this really helps make the labor process or Newborn Session flow with ease and comfort so that we can create the most amazing images together! The families that work with me for their Births and/ or Newborn Portraits often end up continuing with me through the years to document their family changes and the growth of their precious baby through the first year of life and beyond!


The Birth Story


The Birth Story


Birth photography is about anticipation, new life and the love that comes with it. It’s a documentary of your support in labor, those first precious moments with your baby, and all the small details that tell the story of bringing your baby into the world. There is only one first impression, one first glimpse, and one first embrace.

Your story is unique. It is yours. It should be preserved and captured in a way that brings you back to the celebration and the joy of those incredible and fleeting moments. You have been working so hard, you’ve grown this person and now you are bringing them home. I believe every breathtaking moment should be documented and preserved for your family to treasure for a lifetime.


Your story will be documented wherever you choose to give birth and will include:

  • Complimentary Maternity Session

  • My time on call from 38 weeks until your baby is born

  • Photographic Documentation of your labor starting when labor is deemed active until roughly 2 hours postpartum

  • Digital negatives of all edited images

  • Reservation Retainer of $400 required to book (talk to me about payment plans/ arrangements)

Add Ons for Birth Photography

The following options are only available to Birth Photography Clients.

  • Lifestyle Newborn Session - $499

  • ‘Smile’stones (see Lifestyle Family Experience) - $599 each

  • Birth Story Album - $599
    10x10, 20 pages


Fun Fact: I used to be a doula. I treasure the birth space as sacred, and I usually can’t help offering a little help to my birthing mamas if I see it is needed.



Maternity + Newborn


the Lifestyle Newborn


Mama, you are glowing! You are blossoming, you are blooming! You are beautiful, incredible, and full of LIFE. No matter how many babies you have carried inside you, is there anything more powerful, more awe-inspiring than the fact that you have created a whole human to bless the world with? It is my goal to discover and capture the divine moment you are in as you enjoy and experience every bump, thump, twist and tumble and then welcome that sweet babe into your loving arms.

When a baby is born, the bonds forged between parents and siblings are sacred and precious things. I love to quietly document the joy and subdued (or exuberant) excitement and love as a family acclimates to their newest addition. The warm embrace of mother’s first feeding sessions, the glowing look of a proud new father, the curious excitement of a new older sibling… these are the sweet details I will focus on as you soak up every precious moment of your new baby’s arrival.


These sessions take place in your home or on location (for Maternity) and include:

  • Complimentary Maternity Session on location or in your home

  • 2 Hours for Newborn Portraits in your home, or Fresh 48 Session at home or hospital

  • Digital Negatives of all edited images

  • Online Viewing Gallery

  • Maternity or Newborn Session alone - $799


Fun Fact # 2: if you didn’t know, My favorite color is purple. I may be slightly obsessed with it!


lifestyle Family portrait



Lifestyle Family

Portrait Experience

It is only moving faster, this life we are living. Each day more fluid than the last. You find yourself wondering how your little girl is almost 4 already?! Have you been married 8 years this year? It was just yesterday you and your love first made your vows surely! And yet, time slows down not one bit for any of us. We only get one shot, so we have to soak up each season.

When I capture your family, I want to soak up those moments with you. We will go to a location that best fits you and your family energy, whether on a walk through a park, splashing through a river, or playing tickle fight on your couch and making pancakes in your kitchen. I’ll meet you where your memories are happening.


These sessions take place in your home or on location and include:

  • 1-2 hours of photographing

  • All full resolution digital files in a personal downloadable gallery for sharing and printing

  • These sessions are perfect for celebrating baby’s first year of life as well through ‘Smile’stones.