Birth Photography

The following are some ways we can work together to create the best experience for you in having your birth photographed with Memories By The Smile Photography.

  1. Make sure your caregiver is ok with a photographer. I cannot speak on your behalf to your healthcare provider and if they kick me out of the birthing room, I have to leave. Be sure and let them know you have retained my services and you want me there. I will do my part to demonstrate a respectful presence in the birthing suite so they know they have nothing to worry about.

  2. Text me any time and invite me to your special events. I am a mother too. I have given birth, and I know how important it is that your birth team feel like people you know and trust. I want as much facetime with you as I can get so we can build that connection. It will really help me in my storytelling for your birth.

  3. When you go into labor- PLEASE MAKE MY PHONE RING. I may not hear a text (especially if it is the middle of the night). You will have a special ringtone though, so make it sing!

  4. Don’t worry about me- just give birth. I say this because I have had clients who felt bad that I have had to leave, or sleep in some strange place during their labor. I don’t want you to feel bad, this is the job I signed up for and you know what? I LOVE IT. It’s not always easy, but nothing worth doing ever is 100% of the time. I am honored to be part of your day in whatever way you want and need me to be, so don’t second guess one second of what that ends up looking like for your story.

  5. Ask about a payment plan if you need one. For important things, we find a way. Most people make payments on cars, their phones, their homes…. The things that matter may be a significant investment, but we make a way. Birth photography is important, and if you didn’t think so, you wouldn’t be calling me. I can tell you my birth photos are some of my greatest treasures. So let’s make a way for you to have yours too.

  6. Your ordering session will take place within 2 weeks of your session date in your home. It should take about an hour. In it we will look at your birth story images together and determine what prints or albums you will want from your birth story.