These sessions are so much fun! At this age, babies are usually very cooperative and only semi-mobile which means they don’t go far very fast when you put them down somewhere (most of the time). We can usually get some fun ones of them smiling, sitting up, clapping hands, and crawling or at least starting that attempt! Some ways to prepare:

  1. If the session is outdoors, consider footwear that can stand up to elements and weather. We may go through some tall grass, I almost always get bit by something even with jeans and long socks on. Do your best to protect yourself from outside. There may be a good amount of walking so think comfortable too!

  2. Please bring nose wipes and/ or burp cloths for baby. By 6 months, it is likely that your baby will be showing at least some signs of teething, if not already cutting a few teeth. It’s best to prepare for the different drips we will run into!

  3. Please reschedule your session if anyone at the session has had a fever in the last 24 hours, or been vaccinated in the last 24-48 hours. I work with children, birthing mothers, and have babies of my own. I can not risk exposing anyone to bugs where it can be avoided. Also, most children have some sort of struggle of feeling a little bit icky after shots since their immune system is doing its thing. The last thing we want is miserable photos! So I am happy to be flexible and reschedule your session if need be.

  4. Go with the flow! We will have so much fun at this session and there will be so much love! Go with the intention of creating memories and enjoying your baby. That’s what I want to capture!

  5. Plan to be in the session for roughly 1-2 hours. We don’t always need this much time, but babies sometimes need that extra patience so I always plan for it.

  6. Bring items with a story in them. If baby has a favorite toy, or you have some special heirloom or gift that was given to baby that we can incorporate into your session, let’s do that! I am here to capture your story, and things like that can really add depth to the story, and they can be really special to you.

  7. Your ordering session will take place within 2 weeks of your session date in your home. It should take about an hour. We will sit down and look through the best images and I will help you choose which images to print and/ or put into albums.