Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year from Memories By The Smile!! Since June last year, I really dropped the ball on updating my blog posts! Haha! So this video is a quick little recap of last year and an exciting look forward for 2018!!

Last year’s awesomeness included:

  • Me having a baby boy in March! (you gotta watch the video to see his cute face!)
  • The beginnings of me sharing some personal projects that enhanced my lifestyle approach to photography
  • Day of Memories Sessions!
  • Splash Pad minis
  • Fall Family Sessions!
  • And I got to participate with a beautiful fundraising opportunity that I explain in the video

Going forward in 2018:

  • Let’s shoot more Day of Memories Sessions!
  • I will be using video to blog my sessions
  • Sign up for my Newsletter to be alerted about upcoming special offers
  • Splash Pad minis in the summer again
  • Fall Family Sessions in the fall again

And please contact me if you think my services can be used to help with fundraising of any sort!

I am so looking forward to being part of your special memories this year. Let’s make 2018 our best year yet! See you soon! – Milena

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Summer Days

Summer. It’s basically the stuff that memories are made of. As of Wednesday, summer is “officially” here. In San Antonio, it feels like it has been here since April 1, and probably will be here until October 31, but the time off and the better mornings and evenings at traffic time will only be here for another couple of months or so.

My oldest daughter just turned 2 this week and for her birthday, my husband and I decided we would give her the gift of summer memories in the shape of a sprinkler head for our water hose in the back yard. Happiness truly can be bought- and it only cost about $10. Just kidding, but she’s a toddler and she LOVES the water! So yesterday, on the official “second day of summer,” I decided to document some of these memories. For me, summer time was always about lazy days and summer reading programs and staying up late and heat and swimming! I am hoping for her, the memories can be just as sweet.

A typical day in our life starts around 8am. We go for a walk around our neighborhood. I wear my 3 month old, and push a stroller with my 2 year old in it, singing songs and counting to 20 and waving to every living thing she can see. We come home and eat brunch, get cleaned up and then have lunch (because it DOES currently take that long). After lunch is usually a movie or nap time. Her favorite movies lately are Trolls and The Secret Life of Pets (AKA “Doggie Movie”).

This morning was a little unique though. She woke up feeling very sweet and found a book to read to her brother.

After our walk, she “helped” me with the laundry- she likes to take the clothes out of the dryer and pull the laundry basket to our bedroom. She wasn’t dressed at this point so I didn’t share those photos with the internet world. After a little laundry, we took to the back yard and she played in the sprinklers.

I LOVE how cute and small she is. I want to remember how even though she can fit 2T shirts, she often has a “plumber’s butt” problem with bottoms and pants.

Little brother soaked up some sun and enjoyed watching big sister (AKA “the entertainment”) run around the yard. Before lunch time, she went for a little dress up. Her favorite thing to do is put on mommy’s shoes and shuffle around in them. Again, she was wearing ONLY my shoes, hence the foot shot 🙂

What are some of your favorite summer memories? What do you hope your kids will remember from their younger years? How will you help them capture and preserve those memories?

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Family Adventure in the Park!

It’s been 5 years since the first time I worked with this sweet family! It was a wonderful treat to be asked to do family photos for them as the final photo session I worked on before I took Maternity Leave! I’m back to work and excited to be updating the blog again!

These girls are just adorable and the love within this family is so obvious. Their oldest is besties with her daddy and they like to sing “Going on a Bear Hunt” together! Their middle girl is a free spirit and totally independent! I like to sort of follow my clients around and capture them as they really are. I kept finding her alone, doing her own thing!

Baby girl is a princess! She just loves her grandmother who gets to spend a lot of time with the girls! Mom especially wanted photos of the girls with their grandmother during this sweet and chaotic season of little girl-hood.

ILOVED the way their album turned out. Every session comes with a complimentary print ordering session to make sure your images get printed. This family will have an album to commemorate this season of their lives forever. And they have digital copies of it so they can reprint the images any time they want!

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